Our journey with cystic fibrosis has been documented through our fundraising efforts and it has given our follower a small window into our world of cystic fibrosis. The inspiration & drive that keeps us going is the person behind all of our cute posts, fun classes & perfectly packaged gifts. It's Hannah our beautiful daughter who has been fighting this disease since before she was born. Now at 17, she has been through 14 PICC Lines, thousands of pills, thousands of treatments, countless hospital stays where we know where everything & the routine. The parents behind this strong young lady - get overwhelmed, scared, exhausted, but we never stop. I have always wanted to document the day in the life of a cf family, it would be eye-opening. Fundraising is all that can be done to make a difference which it has and needs to continue. I ask for prayers, loving & positive thoughts. Teach your children that it's okay to be friends with a cf person, they want to see friends & interact, share ideas, music & secrets. Don't be afraid to talk to them. I feel at times Hannahs friend base is scared to talk to her... She welcomes the contact & conversation. God Bless! Will update you after port insertion! . . . #angelslifecf #supporting #fundraisingforacause #cysticfibrosis#cysticfibrosisawareness #cysticfibrosisawarenessmonth #aph

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