Cystic Fibrosis Valentine's Fundraiser

Cystic Fibrosis Valentine's Day Fundraiser

♥ Valentine's Day ♥ is a few weeks away, we are here to help with your gift-giving needs. Finding ways to introduce our shop & classroom to different folks and entice those back, that have been here before. Our goal is to consistently keep cystic fibrosis awareness and fundraising in the forefront. With the holiday rush this past year we have been able to assist cf adults and cf pediatric patients with true life emergencies to keep their lives intact and together. That's what we are here to do and you've helped us do just that! Thank you! We are a bit different in our approach, we just do it with handmade bath bombs, soaps, and candles.

♥ We have these at My Oviedo Store​ in Oviedo, Florida. ♥ Thank you, @Emma Emma L. Reichert​

Take a sneak peek at our ♥ “Valentines” ♥ Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser are beautiful bundles of homemade Mini-Bath Bombs made right at our store.

Vintage Recycled Egg Carton with 6 precious Mini-Bath Bombs in a variety of scents. All made with natural ingredients.

All bath bombs are handmade in the store and are all natural and pure.

♥ Fragrance: Staff Picked ♥ All made with natural ingredients.

Each Bath Bomb is handmade with quality ingredients: organic, coconut oil, distilled water, baking soda, citric acid, kaolin clay, jojoba oil, mica, fragrance oil, shea butter, mango butter & a few drops of vitamin e.

♥ Gluten, Paraben & Phthalate Free ♥ Cruelty-Free

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