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Lemongrass Sage is the suble hint of herbs, mint & citrus notes which create a fresh spa feeling! Perfect for a guest bathroom, mud room for hand washing or a housewarming gift.

Premium Crystal Clear Soap, Mica Powerders, Lemongrass Sage Premium Fragrance.


Avg. Bar Weight 4 oz, Bar Depth: 1.25", Bar Length:  2.75", Bar Width:  2.25"


All natural ingredients - Melt and Pour Soap


♥ Gluten, Paraben & Phthalate Free
♥ Cruelty-Free


*For Topical Use Only:  Please discontinue if a rash, redness, or itching occurs. Consult with a physician if irritation persists. Do not use if known allergies exist. Keep out of reach of children except under adult supervision. Ask a physician before using if you are pregnant. 

Guest Soap - Lemongrass Sage