Making shaving a luxurious experience with these shaving soap bars handmade with Bay Rum Premium Fragrance Oil, including slate kaolin clay, basil powder, and glycerin.  Great gift for any man in your life - Dad, brother, boyfriend, husband or also groomsmen gifts! 


     • Premium Shave & Shampoo MP Soap Base - 2 lb Tray

     • Slate Kaolin Clay - useful on oily, tired and sensitive skin. It is dark gray and is naturally rich in iron,           magnesium, and minerals that are thought to be beneficial to the skin. It has a coarse texture when         wet. We also use in our beard shave soap and masks!

     • Basil Powder

     • Glycerin - Natural - Glycerin is humectant that absorbs moisture from the air and when diluted with          water, can soften dry skin.

     • Bay Rum Fragrance Oil - Fresh essence of bay leaves with the bright enjoyment of orange peel and          zest.


Extracts include Calendula Flower, Aloe, Carrageenan and Sunflower. 


Each bar is 4 oz.


Bar Depth: 0.875"   Bar Diameter: 2.75"  
Bar Length: 2.75"   Bar Width: 2.75"


All natural ingredients - Melt and Pour Soap


♥ Gluten, Paraben & Phthalate Free
♥ Cruelty-Free


*For Topical Use Only:  Please discontinue if a rash, redness, or itching occurs. Consult with a physician if irritation persists. Do not use if known allergies exist. Keep out of reach of children except under adult supervision. Ask a physician before using if you are pregnant. 

Clay & Basil Shave Soap Bar