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Basket of Bath Accessories

...raising funds & awareness for cystic fibrosis one gift at a time...

Our focus is cystic fibrosis (CF) awareness and raising funds through the selling of our handcrafted products online, supplies, and looking to partner with store owners to support carrying our products in our store.  However, our mission statement is to financially assist patients living with CF, young children, and adults.  How we do this is through our non-profit shop & direct donations.  Our products are handmade with all-natural ingredients, and our supplies are top-grade.   We sell DIY Kits (Lip Balms, Candles, Shower Steams, and Soaps), supplies, and ready-made products.

Our mission is to rebuild after three years of being closed due to COVID and build our products, supplies, and volunteer base back up.  

Donations Welcomed

Why I Personally Gift Wrap Each Product:

I want you to be able to go from your purchase straight to being a gift, with no additional packaging on your part. Our handmade products are great as gifts to a friend, host, a nice personal touch for a special holiday such as Boss’s Day, Nurse’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Administrative Professionals’ Day, and much more.




Custom Candles & Any Product:

I can also customize the candles and labels for special occasions such as baby showers, weddings, or bridal showers. Our venue is mainly word of mouth and unique special events such as local festivals, craft fairs, and markets. We also make unique customized gifts for events like baby and bridal showers, wedding favors, and promotional items. Portions of my proceeds will benefit the Cystic Fibrosis research in celebration of Hannah Marie and the rest of the 30,000 patients living CF.


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